How Much Should I Spend On Flooring

More than just a solid value … the investment of a lifetime

“There’s no surface more important than the one we live on® .”

At Huggins, that’s our mantra, because your floors are the canvas for creating the unique style and beauty that define your dream home. They tie spaces together while projecting warmth and character and setting the stage for everything else that you add, from cabinets to wall coverings and appliances to fixtures.

Considering the importance of your flooring as the foundation for the overall look and feel of your home, it makes sense that it should be the first thing built into your budget. However, flooring budgets rarely allow for the type of high quality, premium flooring you should demand – Huggins wide plank flooring.

Like a rare jewel, a meticulously crafted Huggins wide plank floor stands out as a true work of art that beautifully enhances any room. And, with the strength and durability of wood from the heart of carefully selected trees, your floor will last a lifetime (and beyond).  It really is the one and only floor your home will ever need. Plus, it will bring a premium in resale value if you ever decide to sell your home.

So, how much should you set aside to get the Huggins wide plank floors your home deserves? There are many variables to consider, and a Huggins wide plank specialist is the best place to start before you do anything else. Our wide plank specialist will explain the different wood choices, board length, board widths and finish options, while explaining how each of these choices adds beauty to your home and what the right investment is for you.

So contact a Huggins wide plank specialist for a design consultation or request a free estimate. See for yourself why the solid value of a Huggins wide plank floor is a premium investment with a lifetime return.

Huggins Wide Plank Floors is one of the country’s leading providers of wide plank solid hardwood floors. Huggins new floors include pine flooring¸ and hardwoods such as maple hardwood flooring, cherry floors, walnut flooring and oak wood floor products. Huggins is the most request supplier of reclaimed hardwood flooring, or antique wood floors. These recycled wood floors are created from boards salvaged from old buildings creating an antique floor. Huggins provides unfinished and prefinished hardwood floor options, and engineered wood floors such as engineered oak flooring that are the highest quality in the industry. Huggins offers a wide variety of stains, and can create custom stains for light or dark wood flooring.
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